Last Man Standing

The LMS style tournament would have everyone in, starting with full cash. To stay in the game, you must make at least one kill. At the end of each round, the game is paused; those who did not get a kill then switch to spectator (or enter the Source TV channel). Those who did get a kill will stay, and re-join the game, using auto-join as to distribute the teams fairly. This process is to be repeated each round, until a winner is found. Depending on how many people there are, a ladder style may be used for the winners of each game, where they will finish in a 1v1 game. If a large enough number of rounds happen, a separate game could be held for the winners, following the LMS style, to find a definite winner.

===Game Rules:===

  • Map objectives are to be ignored
  • AWP/Magnum and auto-snipers: Disabled
  • Friendly Fire: Disabled