Status Update & Screenshot!

Hi Everyone,

As promised months ago, a new site IS on the way! Unfortunately, our developers have run into a number of snags along the way, and the time frame for the development has been pushed back again and again.

After weeks of issues, I decided to tell them to focus on getting the social network aspect working first, so we can get it working great, and then complete the challenge system once it’s running (as that was the source of most of the problems). So, they have been burning the midnight oil for days on end recently pushing to have this ready. I have finally got a screenshot to show you. Please remember, this is a very early build, and there will be many changes coming soon. As well, some of the content was scribbled out of the screenshot for personal privacy. Continue reading

College gaming gets its own Starcraft League

Our friends over at the Collegiate Starleague have really hit the ground running, and we thought we should let you know what’s going on. They had their inaugural match of Princeton vs MIT, which was covered in The Daily Princeton, and they have been growing since.

There was recently another article about the CSL and their progress in the the Harvard Crimson. It touches on the grassroots effort of competitive gaming between colleges and universities, and even compares it to the mainstream. Check out the full article HERE. Continue reading

New Site On The Way!

Hi Everyone,

It’s been quite a while since our last update, so we figured it was time to fill you in on what is going on. As some of you may have already heard, development on an all new VESL site has officially begun. This site will finally have the full league support we have been looking for since the beginning. I.E. Automated user registration, ladder building, team pages, etc. Continue reading

New Layout, Status Update

As some of you may have noticed, the site’s layout got a re-haul recently. It is now wider, and easier to navigate. We’re also going to be continually improving the look and feel of the site over time, as everyhing is a work-in-progress.

We are arranging meetings with developers so that we can get a solid backend system in place for tournaments. (Everything has been done manually until now.) We are really looking forward to getting things going big time, but we would rather take our time and do things right, instead of rushing into things without the proper system to back it up.

In the mean time, I’d like to thank those of you who have been joining us for the game nights with our Steam Group. Also, remember that any time you play on our servers, you are automatically gaining GameWager tokens, which you can now exchange for prizes! Continue reading