Beta Tournament

Hi Everyone,

For those who are not aware, there are plans in the works for our first two tournaments, a LMS (Last Man Standing) CSS tournament, and a GunGame (CSS mod) tournament. As this will be our first event, we expect to have some difficulties, as hard as we may plan it out. Due to this, we would like to run a “beta” tournament, in hopes of finding as many issues as possible.

Therefore, I am inviting you to join us in our “beta”. The only requirement is that you cooperate, and give feedback on your experience after the event. As awards, the top 10 players will receive free entry into one of the tournaments, and the winner will get free entry into both tournaments. Continue reading

Exam Time

Hi there,

Due to the current “exam time” at colleges and universities, The Varsity E-Sports League does not have any plans for competition this term. We are still very much welcoming team registrations, league development, and all things related. We plan to get some competition rolling in January once every one is back at school.

Happy Holidays every one!