A Change of Course

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a long time since our last update, and we have to start out with some unfortunate news. The new website that has been in development for many months is no longer in progress. The firm hired kept running into issue after issue, as the system we were trying to build was just too complicated for the back-end system it was being based off of. The system is still in an un-useable state, so we have gone ahead and asked the firm to stop development.

As a result, we are now exploring new options for a league management system. We were hoping to be able to announce that we have begun working on a new one by now, but we are still exploring options of whether to start from scratch or start working of a pre-built system again. We would love to be able to offer the full functionality promised in the original system, but at this time we are more interested in getting something that actually “works” from the beginning. Of course we will look for an option which will allow us to add additional functionality later, once the league is in motion.

So, let’s not look at this as bad news, but rather a learning experience. We now know in more detail what we are looking for, and can hopefully home-in on it soon so that we can get things rolling. On that note, we would like to have a fresh start with an updated name! The Varsity E-Sports League started at a time where there was no definitive title for competitive gaming. Today, we are happy to announce that the Varsity E-Sports League (VESL) shall now becoming the “Varsity eSports League” (VeSL)! This is a very recent chance, so feel free to give us a heads up if you still see references to the “E-“ version of our name.

As a side note, we should hopefully have an announcement soon regarding a partnership for on-going community events!

Best of luck with your studies in the new semester. We look forward to pwning you soon!

-The VeSL Staff

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