Status Update & Screenshot!

Hi Everyone,

As promised months ago, a new site IS on the way! Unfortunately, our developers have run into a number of snags along the way, and the time frame for the development has been pushed back again and again.

After weeks of issues, I decided to tell them to focus on getting the social network aspect working first, so we can get it working great, and then complete the challenge system once it’s running (as that was the source of most of the problems). So, they have been burning the midnight oil for days on end recently pushing to have this ready. I have finally got a screenshot to show you. Please remember, this is a very early build, and there will be many changes coming soon. As well, some of the content was scribbled out of the screenshot for personal privacy.

On top of this release, some active members may have been contacted to give the system a try, and to give some feedback. We’ll be sending out invitations over the next short while, and hopefully be able to go into open beta soon!

Feel free to let us know if you are interested in helping out with the early build, but please understand that it isn’t complete, and bugs are to be expected. As mentioned before though, we want to give you guys what you want, so the more feedback the better.

Looking forward to your impressions!

-The VESL Staff

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