College gaming gets its own Starcraft League

Our friends over at the Collegiate Starleague have really hit the ground running, and we thought we should let you know what’s going on. They had their inaugural match of Princeton vs MIT, which was covered in The Daily Princeton, and they have been growing since.

There was recently another article about the CSL and their progress in the the Harvard Crimson. It touches on the grassroots effort of competitive gaming between colleges and universities, and even compares it to the mainstream. Check out the full article HERE.

Also, if you missed the article featuring the VESL in the DAL Gazette back in October 08, you can check it out HERE. Please note that the article was written by a sports writer, so the details are a little off.

On another note, the new VESL site is coming along. The system to handle tournmanets, ladders, etc. is just getting finishing touches, and is being integrated with the rest of the site. We’re very excited to get this thing going, and we’ll be posting more information, as well as beta invites as soon as possible.

Feel free to share your thoughts with us on the future of collegiate e-sports below in the comments section, on our forums, or even on our Facebook page.

-The VESL Staff

3 thoughts on “College gaming gets its own Starcraft League

  1. Hey Josh,

    Nice to hear from you, and welcome to DAL.

    The Dalhousie E-Sports Society is still working on our formalities, but we have a Facebook group, and a page registered with the Student Union. Do you mind signing up on both?


    I will be sending out a message shortly for people to join the Starcraft team.

    Looking forward to some gaming!


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