Left 4 Dead Server

Hi Everyone,

Something worth checking out; our friends over at Velocity-Servers have been gracious enough to let us in on the Left 4 Dead Beta action. We now have a server up and running for you all. The best part is it’s not laggy like the rest of them! :p

The server IP is” and the password is “vesl”.

When you join the game, go into the console (press on the ~ key beside the 1) and type in “connect“. When you are prompted for the password, type in “vesl” and click on connect. That’s it! Invite your friends and spread the word!

See you all in game.

-The VESL Staff


The IP of the server changed with the full game release, so we will post the new one soon.

-The VESL Staff

***Update #2***

New Server is setup and good to go! The new group association feature is still buggy, but you may be able to see it through there. If not, here is the new IP. 🙂

See you all in game!

-The VESL Staff

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