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Hi guys and gals,

So, I hope you have all been enjoying the new COD4 server! We have been hard at work since putting that live, and we have some major things to announce.

First off, The VESL now has FORUMS! Now you can talk smack about how much better your school is at CS vs your rivals, and allow your friends to join in. 😛

On that note, in line with the offerings of Varsity Gameco (the parent company of The VESL), we would like to announce the GameWager beta!


1. What is GameWager?
GameWager is a free service that finally enables all gamers to Game to GainTM. We’ve created an online platform for rewarding gamers’ performance based on in-game statistics and achievements. Our platform currently supports PC titles and enhances game-play with more excitement and realism by assigning real value to every win and loss. GameWager also makes gaming more competitive and social by providing an outlet to settle trash talking and a variety of on-site tools that empowers gamers to track and improve their performance while sharing with friends.

2. How Do I Play?
It’s ridiculously simple:
Play Games – Jump on any GW Enabled server and play as normal
Kill Opponents – Whether it’s an accident or skill, everyone can get kills
Earn Tokens – 1 kill = 2 GW Tokens (1 from GameWager, 1 from your opponents account)
Redeem Prizes – Turn your GW Tokens in for prizes

You can see other ways to get GW Tokens in the Ways To Earn.

3. How Much Does it Cost?
Ah, the best part! GameWager doesn’t cost anything and you can Register in just 10 seconds – Pretty sweet, eh?
Aside from these features, there is active development happening on a system that will allow you to challenge other players, betting them a number of tokens. We’re also working on a system to show a “top players”, so you can see which schools have the best players.

On top of all this, all VESL members are eligible to get an extra 100 tokens for contributing to the beta. Want more points? All you have to do is talk about it in the forums, report bugs, talk about what you like, dislike, and what you want to see from the service OR leave feedback for GameWager support. Top contributors will be recognized with extra rewards!

Sorry about all the delays guys, but as you can see, we are ready to rumble now. 🙂 Time to start fragging, and winning some awesome prizes. XD

As always, feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions, etc. or even use the forums to post your questions, now that we can actually take advantage of them. :p

Enjoy your summer, and hopefully this won’t be the last update you see before September!

The VESL Staff

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