Summer Time!

Hi Everyone,

So, it’s finally summer! We hope everyone is enjoying it so far, there is still tonnes of time left for some good old gaming without that assignment hanging in the back of your mind.

We haven’t put out an update in a while, but we have been hard at work behind the scenes for the past little while. There are still a number of things going on, but we figured it was time to say something.
First off, we would like to announce our newest partner, the Gamer Fitness Manual. You can check them out in our partners sections, more updates to come with them.

As you’re on the site, you may notice some slight changes. There is now a link to the Steam Community page up at the top. The biggest difference is that the huge (sometimes annoying) teams list from the menu is now gone! All of the info from the pages have been ported over in our Wiki. Go check it out, we now have 26 schools signed up for play! Feel free to work on some pages, and update the info for your school, or your personal profile page.

We hope all is well, and look forward to some bigger announcements in the next little while. If you have any ideas for games, activities, features, etc. please feel free to let us know!

Enjoy your summer!

-The VESL Staff

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