Hi Everyone,

We are happy to announce the first set of TOURNAMENTS for The Varsity E-Sports League!

There will be two tournaments, a Last Man Standing, and GunGame tournament. These are both in Counter-Strike: Source.

Both tournaments are played with independent players. Multiple people from the same school are encouraged.

Instructions for each tournament can be found at the corresponding sign-up page.

To register, please go to the tournament section of www.thevesl.com

The cost will be $3 for each tournament, or $5 for both. Payments will be made through PayPal.

SteelSeries has generously provided us with prizes for both tournaments. We have a “Qck+”, and “Qck Heavy” available for each tournament. The winner will have the choice of which pad they want. There will then be a random draw from the list or registrants to receive the other pad.

You can find details on the SteelSeries “Qck+” and “Qck Heavy” pads here.

As a reminder, if you are not yet using GameRail, it is strongly suggested. GameRail will allot you lower ping, and reduce jitters and spikes in your connection to give you that competitive edge during the competition. Best of all, it is currently FREE to use the new Conductor beta.

If you would like to practice your skills, The VESL has public servers available. IPs can be found in either the STEAM Community group, or on the Facebook group. Be sure to join the STEAM group, as you will easily be able to identify and practice with others in The VESL easily.

Please feel free to forward the tournament details and invite your friends. The better response this gets, the more you can expect in the future.


-The VESL Staff

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