The VeSL presents the Hak5 LAN Party!

A big shout out to our friends over at Hak5! We will be working together to run community events through Season 7. Check out their plug for the events in their latest episode on Revision3, the plug starts at 3:44 in episode 701.

Be sure to join our Steam Community to keep updated on upcoming events. Thanks again to Velocity-Servers for hooking us up with the game servers for these events.

A Change of Course

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a long time since our last update, and we have to start out with some unfortunate news. The new website that has been in development for many months is no longer in progress. The firm hired kept running into issue after issue, as the system we were trying to build was just too complicated for the back-end system it was being based off of. The system is still in an un-useable state, so we have gone ahead and asked the firm to stop development. Continue reading

Charity Auctions & More Cool Game Gear

Frag For Cancer is a Canadian-based charity that hosts a series of events to raise money for a real-world ‘bad-guy’, that being cancer. The organization came to be after a gamer lost his father to cancer and vowed to raise awareness, funds and philanthropy in his community.

This year to raise money to combat this deadly disease, the charitable organization has an auction going on right now for The Beatles: Rock Band Limited Edition (for the console of your choice) and an Autographed T-Shirt signed by designers, artists, testers and other members of Harmonix, the makers of The Beatles: Rock Band, as well as a swag pack of stickers and pins to go with it.

Continue reading

Toshiba Tournament & Status Update

Hi Everyone,

We know the new site is taking a long time to get finished. In fact, our developers called us saying they were having too many issues with the match system, so they decided to scrap it and start from scratch. Hopefully we will have something soon, but don’t hold your breath.

Since things are taking so long, we have something that should help tide you over. We have been working with Toshiba for their online tournament, which is now open for registration. Head on over to their tournament page and check it out. We encourage any school teams to participate and win some cool prizes! Continue reading